For a limited time, we are waiving all employer fees on our payroll deduct IRA program!



A payroll deduct IRA is a hands off retirement program that promotes employees’ retirement without adding expense and administrative tasks to the employer.  Our payroll deduct IRA program has:

No Employer Contribution

No Additional Employer Administrative Work

No Employer Fees!

Employee Enrollment

Employees will first receive an email with a link to fill out their account applications.  Following a required identity verification, they will receive an email with a link to enroll online.  In that enrollment, they will select how much they would like deducted from their check each pay period, as well as their investments!

Investment Options

Each IRA account has a selection of funds from which to choose.  With over 20,000 investment options available, CorPay Retirement Services has professionally selected a handful of low-cost index funds to drive your retirement.  To help out, CorPay Retirement Services has also built risk-based models that you can use, as well as a questionnaire to help you find which model will suit you best!  If you choose not to elect your investments, you will be placed in a target date retirement fund based on your birthdate.

Questions?  Schedule a time with our Retirement Team!


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Frequently Asked Employee Questions

How much can I save in my account annually?
An individual retirement account allows for contributions of up to $6,000, with an additional catch up contribution of $1,000 for those over 50.  The IRS does impose income limits on IRA contributions.  View the IRS deduction information here.



What investment options are available to me?
CorPay Retirement Services goes through a rigorous fund selection process to narrow down the investments available in the plan.  They build risk-based models for you to use based on the results of a questionnaire available in your account.



What are my account fees?
Your account will be assessed fees totaling $4 per month and 1.00% of assets annually.  The $4 per month is for recordkeeping services.  Of the 1.00%, 0.15% is for custody and trading services, and 0.85% is for advisory services.  For example, an individual with a $10,000 balance would pay less than $13 per month in fees, pulled from their account balance.  Fees may be charged at different frequencies.

Can I withdraw my money at anytime?
You can withdraw your money at any time by completing a distribution request form found in your account library or through an online request in your portal. However, because these are retirement accounts, there may be a penalty for early withdrawal of funds. You can view information about the IRS tax on early withdrawals here.