Employee Direct Deposit




Avoid employees standing in bank lines on payday Employee Direct Deposit !

  • Choose Distribution of Net Pay – Direct Deposit allows each employee to choose distribution of their net pay into as many as four different accounts.
  • Employees Receive a Direct Deposit Check Stub – The Direct Deposit check stub supplies information on gross pay, withholdings, deductions and net pay distribution to bank accounts.
  • No “Special Handling” of Checks Needed – If employees are “on the road,” on vacation, or if they work in another locality, Direct Deposit ensures that their pay is in their bank account whether they’re in town or not.
  • Fewer Checks to Sign – For each employee that chooses Direct Deposit, you have one less check to sign.
  • No More Lost or Stolen Checks – With Direct Deposit, each employee automatically has their pay in their accounts on payday.

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