Corporate Payroll Services

Client Referral Program

Enjoy Unlimited Reward Potential with our Client Referral Program!

Referring a client to Corporate Payroll Services is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Refer a Client to CPS by providing us with their information via the form below and we will reach out to them
    or have them reach out to us directly through this link.
  • Referred Client signs up and runs their first payroll.
  • You receive up to 3 FREE payrolls for a maximum credit of $250.


There is no limit to how many clients you can refer, and therefore, no limit to how many free payrolls you can receive!

Get Started Today

Ways to send your referral:

  1. Send the following link to the company/companies of your choice. Send Referral


  1. Fill out the form below with the company’s contact information (Name, number, email, and company name).   We will reach out to them.


  1. Give the referral information to your payroll processor or a member of our management team.

Refer a Company to Us.

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