Run your Business

Run your business.
We’ll run your payroll
....for up to 40% less.

Run your Business

Enjoy Unlimited Reward Potential with our Client Referral Program!

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits Made Simple!

Give your employees the benefits of preventive, ongoing and emergency care.

Pay As you Go
Pay As You Go
Workers Comp.

Improve cash flow with no
up-front payments. Pay just what you owe for each payroll.

NetClockIn. More
than Just a Time

Control costs with
"approaching overtime"
alerts and more!

Telemedicine Covers
Telemedicine covers employees and their families...

for just $12/month

Digital Employee Onboarding
Digital Employee Onboarding.

Save time for you and new employees and stay in compliance with new employee forms.

Already Corp Payroll Customer
Already a Corporate Payroll Customer?

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Who We Serve

Corporate Payroll Services has helped small and medium-sized businesses since 1991 with payroll processing and tax filing/reporting. Over 6,800 clients rely on us to pay their employees and deposit payroll taxes accurately in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our payroll specialists provide expert, one-on-one service so that you can focus on growing your business.

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We measure customer satisfaction using a system called Net Promoter Score, or NPS for short.

  • NPS is measured by asking the question, “How likely would you be to recommend a friend or colleague to use a particular service or product?”
  • Customers can answer from 0, which is NOT at all likely to recommend, to 10, which is very likely to recommend, a service or product.
  • The NPS can range from negative 100 to positive 100 and is calculated by subtracting the percentage of people who answer 0 to 6 from the percentage of people who answer 9 or 10.
  • So if everybody answered 9 or 10, you would have an NPS of 100.
  • If everybody answered 7 or 8, you would have an NPS of zero since there were 0% of nines and tens… less  0% of zeros to sixes.
  • And if everybody answered 0-6, you would have an NPS of minus 100.
  • So an NPS of around zero is not considered bad since your average responses were in the 7 to 8 range.
  • If you do a search for the net promoter scores of our major competitors you will find scores which hover around zero to the teens.
  • Our 6-month moving average is about 79 because we have systems in place to produce accurate payrolls and provide excellent customer service.
  • This results in our customers being a lot happier on average than our major competitors.
  • We will be the first to tell you that we’re not perfect.  We’re human.  We make mistakes.  But we don’t make a lot, and when we do, we fix them quickly.