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If you compare us to ADP (Automatic Data Processing) and Paychex, our services are frequently 30 to 40% less. Whether you have only one employee or five-hundred, you’ll quickly agree that at Corporate Payroll Services we make your payroll our priority!

Sample base rates per
bi-weekly pay period:

No. of EmployeesChargesNo. of EmployeesCharges
1 Employee:$58.2550 Employees:$119.50
5 Employees:$63.25100 Employees:$182.00
10 Employees:$69.50250 Employees:$369.50
20 Employees:$82.00500 Employees:$682.00
Affordable Payroll Services Atlanta

One Time Fee:

  • New client set-up (one-time only)         $49.00
  • Direct Deposit set-up (one-time only)   $30.00
  • New Hire Reporting                                  INCLUDED
  • Federal and Single State Tax Service    INCLUDED

Optional Services:

  • Check Signing   $3.00 per 100 checks per payroll
  • Check Sealing   $0.25 per check
  • Direct Deposit   $3.00 per pay period for up to 5 employee bank
                                 $0.50 for each additional employee bank account
  • For example       10 direct deposit accounts is only $5.50 additional
                                  per pay period

* Multiple state employers — please contact us for additional pricing information.
** Prices may vary, based on your specific requirements. For example, certain employees may want Direct Deposit and others may not. This would affect the ‘Optional Services’ pricing above. Please contact us for exact pricing based on your situation.