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Why Mineral’s HR Support Center?

In an environment of ever-changing government regulations and employment laws, you need to ensure compliance or risk a lawsuit that could ruin your business.   If you are a Human Resources professional, or handle the HR tasks for your company, our suite of HR Support solutions not only help you stay compliant, but also help you run your business more effectively.

Human Resources support is critical to protect your growing business.  You want your HR questions answered promptly to attract and retain the best talent and to keep yourself out of hot water.

Fundamentals of Performance Management

Mineral’s HR On-Demand gives you unlimited access to comprehensive resources as well as HR professionals who will help you with issues as diverse as:

  • HR documents such as job descriptions, employment forms, and termination letters
  • Compliance with federal regulations like ADA and OSHA
  • Recruiting, hiring and on-boarding best practices
  • Employee handbook development and review
  • Handling delicate employment and wage issues

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