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Many do not realize that only certain types of workers can be properly classified—by law—as independent contractors. Download this guide to make sure you are classifying your employees properly and what to do if you are not.

This checklist covers new policies, health and safety, and best practices for returning to work/ re-opening your business during these uncertain times.

Whether you’re evaluating switching from separate vacation and sick leave plans to a combined PTO policy, or you just want to see if there are items to consider in your current plan, the Paid Time Off Policy template is a great tool.

When terminating an employee, having your “ducks in a row” will help minimize the stress for the employee as well as managers and human resources personnel. This checklist will guide you through setting up and conducting your termination meeting.

An effective employee handbook clearly defines policies, procedures, working conditions, and behavioral expectations which guide employee actions at work and can help to protect you legally.

With most of your employees active on social media, it’s a good idea to have a Social Media Policy in place to protect yourself and your team. This template, approved by the NLRB, will get you started.

The Department of Labor has strict guidelines to determine if an employee can be classified as exempt from overtime pay. This checklist will help you determine if your employee qualifies under one of the Exemption Categories spelled out in the FLSA.

Get the IRS brochure that highlights the benefits of employee retirement plans for both employers and employees, and walks you through the implementation steps.

Whether you’re putting together a detailed staffing plan, or more formally documenting expectations and responsibilities for performance management, a job description template is a useful tool to get you started.