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Start New Hires Off on the Right Track with “Come Aboard”

What is Come Aboard?

With “Come Aboard,” our new online employee onboarding software, you save time and money with a suite of features to make starting new employees easier and keep you in compliance with regulations. An intuitive dashboard and easy-to-use notifications keep you up-to-date on employee progress throughout the onboarding process. Custom workflows guide you through successful electronic completion of new hire paperwork painlessly. Onboarding of new employees becomes much easier!

Easy. Efficient. Paperless.

Features and Benefits

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Features Include:

  • Full payroll and NetClockIn integration of employee data
  • Ability to upload existing forms/documents
  • Expanded employee self-service portal
  • Personalized company notices/messages
  • Employee license and certification renewal tracking and notification
  • Customizable permissions for what employees can view and/or change
  • Employee profile pictures

Electronic New Hire Forms

  • Ensure new hire forms are properly completed
  • Federal W-4s, I-9s and withholding forms for all states
  • Direct deposit sign ups
  • Employee Add/Change forms
  • Employee agreements
  • Any other form you need to have electronically completed as part of your hiring process

E- Signatures

  • Save paper and time by having new hire paperwork electronically signed and submitted
  • Employees not wishing to have electronic signatures can download, print, sign and upload completed documents
Work from home office


  • Set company-wide messages on the home page for upcoming events or notices
  • Create custom notifications based on when you decide to be notified of license/certification expiration dates



  • Set permissions for the company and for specific employees
  • You decide whether employees should be able to edit, view or not see each field

Let Us Simplify Your Employee Onboarding!

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