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Pay As You Go Workers Compensation

Improve cash flow. Accurate. Convenient.

  • Eliminates large down payments
  • Lets you pay your workers comp insurance with each payroll according to the wages on that payroll
  • Helps to avoid large year-end workers comp insurance surprises since the premiums are calculated and paid with each payroll. On the other hand, if you just want traditional workers comp insurance, we can help you with that too!

About EasyWComp

EasyWComp is provided by Corporate Insurance Solutions, a Corporate Payroll Services company.

EasyWComp helps small to medium-sized businesses nationwide with their workers compensation and business insurance needs.

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How do I get workers compensation insurance?

For more information about EasyWComp’s workers compensation insurance, contact us via:
email:, phone: (678) 567-6323
or fill out the form below to have one of our workers comp experts reach out to you directly.

Learn more about how EasyWComp and help improve your cashflow.