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Social Media Policy Template



When your employees are on social media, they may use their personal accounts to make comments about their employment situation, co-workers, clients, etc.  You need to understand what you legally can and can’t require of your team regarding their personal posts.  Consider providing a Social Media Policy and including information such as:

  • What is considered appropriate information to share about the company, fellow associates, customers, partners, etc.?
  • What would be considered an inappropriate comment, including anything that might be regarded as harassing, discriminatory or threatening violence?  How will that situation be dealt with?
  • When should employees disclose their employment relationship when posting or commenting online?
  • When can an employer legally request access to an employee’s personal social media activity?
  • What should you say about sharing confidential information?

Here you can download a template that was created by the HR Pros at HR Support Center.   We are also including in the document the social media policy that was specifically approved by the National Labor Relations Board in 2012.  You may want to review it for additional elements of a specific, comprehensive Social Media Policy.

Download Social Media Policy Template