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Job Post Template



Here’s your job post template that you can use to attract qualified candidates to your job openings.

Getting started

When you start to write your job post, here are some things you’ll want to consider:

  • What makes our company different and attractive to applicants?
  • Why would someone want to join our company? It’s not just about what they’ll do.  It’s about the opportunities they’ll have.
  • What are the key search terms your candidate will use if they’re looking for a position like this? Keep it simple.  You want to be ”found” by search engines.
  • What are the most important job requirements? Be specific and descriptive.  A laundry list of “attention to detail” and “team player” doesn’t make the position stand out.

Now: Create your job post

Once you’ve mapped out this basic information, the Job Post Template will walk you through the key elements to create your job post.  The blue text provides examples and should be deleted in the final post.