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Home-based Business Insurance

What is Home-based Business Insurance?

Home-based business insurance is a policy tailored to protect home businesses and their owners.  This insurance is meant to cover home businesses for things not typically covered under their homeowners or renters’ insurance such as technology, files, and professional equipment.

Who Should Consider Home-based Business Insurance?

Self-employed professionals should consider home-based business insurance to protect their business assets, especially if:  

    • Customers/clients visit your home
    • You would lose income if you needed to close your business down for a while due to damage in your home
    • You have employees who work in or outside of your home
    • You maintain client or employee records on your computer or in a physical location within your home

What is Covered Under Home-based Business Insurance?

​Home-based business insurance may prevent you from paying out of pocket for:

    • Property damage
    • Lawsuits
    • Employee injuries
    • Issues related to data loss

Get Home-based Business Insurance.

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