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Don’t get caught unprepared.






The DOL’s new overtime rules take effect December 1, 2016. That means an estimated 4.2 million currently exempt people will be eligible for overtime pay as of this date.

If you’re not prepared for the new rules, you might incur thousands in unnecessary overtime pay, not to mention open yourself up to lawsuits.

Avoid these unnecessary hassles with NetClockIn.

No surprises.
Just like the notification from your cell phone provider when you’re about to go over your data limit, you can proactively manage overtime hours with Overtime Alert reports. So you won’t be surprised on payday.



“NetClockIn has enabled us to keep better track of our employees schedules and as a result the weekly overtime has been reduced significantly, by as much as 40%. With many of the new features, we are able to control our payroll more effectively and find many new ways to save on cost.” – Jose’ Figueroa with Polar Hardware