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NetClockIn Case Study


  • Licensed Child Development Facility
  • 50 + employees
  • Washington, DC

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What Is NetClockIn?

NetClockIn, our robust yet affordable time and attendance solution, helps you keep your labor costs under control.

The Challenge

Kids Come First used paper timesheets to record hours worked.  Over time, an increasing number of employees began buddy-punching leading to extra costs.  The owner observed inconsistency between the number of hours worked and actual attendance among his staff and sought out a time management solution to address this concern. 

The Solution

By using Corporate Payroll Services and our NetClockIn system, the client was able to implement an all-in-one solution for his organization.  NetClockIn saves time and lowers costs by accurately recording time worked as compared to using paper time sheets.  In addition, NetClockIn allows using a fingerprint recognition device to clock in and out which stops buddy-punching and saves money.  

The Results

  • Eliminated buddy-punching with one-touch fingerprint scanning
  • Significantly decreased payroll processing time
  • Saved money by eliminating paying for time not worked
  • Seamlessly integrated with Corporate Payroll Services
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NetClockIn has helped save me both time and money.  I really like being able to manage payroll, direct deposit and time and attendance all in one place.  Ashley is always available to answer my questions, and I receive excellent customer service each and every time!  On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Corporate Payroll a 10.  I am now and will continue to be a loyal customer!”


Owner, Kids Come First

Make sure your hard earned money stays where it belongs…YOUR bottom Line!