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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be part of our everyday life, virtual care has been a crucial service.  Virtual care has not only been beneficial for screening and treating COVID-19 cases from afar, but also facilitating non-emergency and routine visits which could be risky or complicated during quarantine.

According to a survey by IT vendor Sykes, more than 60 percent of patients say the pandemic has increased their willingness to try telehealth.  Knowing this, it’s possible your business and your employees can benefit from this service.

Here are 4 reasons telehealth is beneficial:


Telehealth protects medical personnel and patients

Utilizing telehealth services for routine and non-emergency medical treatment helps protect medical personnel and patients from the potential risks of contracting COVID-19 or other illnesses which can spread easily such as the flu or common cold.

Just like a normal appointment, you are able to speak with a doctor, discuss your concerns, and receive medical advice and a treatment plan.  The main difference is, this can be done from anywhere as long as you have an internet or phone connection, data and a mobile device, tablet or computer.

With access to telehealth services increasing around the nation, some medical professionals are even researching and incorporating ways to test and monitor vitals remotely, allowing patients to receive full-service non-emergency medical care while maintaining social distance.

Telehealth helps increase access to healthcare

There are plenty of people who have limited access to healthcare.  This can be for a variety of reasons, for example lack of transportation, busy work schedule, or lack of funds.  With Telehealth, you are able to receive your non-emergency or routine medical care from the comfort and safety of your own home or even your office.  Since there is no need to waste time on commuting, patients usually do not have to request much time off for a medical appointment.

When it comes to lack of funds, with certain telehealth services, such as RelyMD through Corporate Payroll Services,  patients can see a doctor for a $0 co-pay!  They will only be responsible for the cost of medications, if they are prescribed any.  A $0 co-pay can make a huge difference for many, as some insurance plans which offer telehealth do so with a high co-pay.  Some charge up to $75 per virtual visit.


Telehealth helps conserve supplies and space

Space can be limited in certain health facilities such as urgent care centers and the emergency room, especially during these times.  If a patient has a non-emergency medical concern such as common cold, allergies, muscle pain, or low fever, to name a few, scheduling a telehealth visit will be beneficial to both the patient and the healthcare facility.  This benefits the patient because they can avoid overcrowded facilities which shortens wait times and eliminates possible exposure to other illnesses.  This also allows the healthcare facilities the ability to focus on patients with more serious medical concerns.


Telehealth can help improve employee retention and decrease absenteeism.

Offering telehealth to your employees may improve employee retention because this service not only helps them but their family as well.  For instance, if your employee has a significant other in their household and dependents aged 6 months to 26 years old, they are all covered under the same plan.  This means for one low monthly fee of $10.75 per month (which can be employer or employee paid), all of the covered recipients receive the same 24/7 access to virtual medical care.

Employee absenteeism may also decrease because these visits require no commute and no time is wasted in a waiting room.  Your employee can simply request an appointment, go about their day, and when it is their turn to see the doctor, they will receive the call which lasts an average of 15 minutes depending on the concern.

With medical appointments being this convenient, employees can save their PTO and sick days for when they really need them.


Keep yourself, your employees, and their families safe and in good health by offering Telehealth by RelyMD from Corporate Payroll Services.  Contact us today to learn more and receive a custom quote.