Corporate Payroll Services

Employees are 15 times more likely to save if they have access to a payroll-deducted savings plan at work.*

Using CoPilot 401(k) from PAi can help your employees save for retirement, and because it’s integrated with Corporate Payroll, there is less work for you.

Increasingly, businesses are moving to 401(k) solutions that are integrated with their payroll provider to gain these advantages:

• Save time and money
• Reduce errors
• Minimize administrative tasks 

• Ensure timely investment of 401(k) contributions

On the webinar, you’ll also discover some interesting statistics on the state of retirement planning in the U.S. and on the beneficial effect of offering a 401(k) plan on employee recruitment and retention.

Want to know more?  Watch it here.

*AARP Public Policy Institute study  April, 2016

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