Corporate Payroll Services

Control Labor Costs

The cost of labor can be one of the primary forces cutting into a small business’s bottom line.  You can control it, or let it run away with your profits.  NetClockIn gives you the tools to control when employees are clocking in and clocking out.  Alerts are available which give you a heads-up before overtime hours occur, and geofencing functions through mobile browsers or our CPSGo app control when and where someone can clock into a job or scheduled shift.


Software is often only as good as it is secure.  NetClockIn includes multiple layers of security to prevent the theft of sensitive information and minimize illegitimate “buddy-punching” clock-ins.  You are able to limit workstations and public IP addresses from which an employee can log in.  You can also limit the number of consecutive invalid login attempts.  Whether an employee utilizes a password or a fingerprint scanner to clock in and out, encoded versions of both are stored in the system, rather than the actual password/fingerprint itself.

Payroll Integrated

Tying directly into Corporate Payroll Services systems means you save valuable administrative time and minimize human error.  Transactions can be exported directly to your payroll account, so you eliminate any need to rekey transactions, and when a new employee is set up in payroll, the information is automatically transferred to NetClockIn.  Multiple employee types, working in multiple time zones, across multiple states are all seamlessly synched in NetClockIn.

Admin Features

You may set up one or more system administrators and department administrators who are then able to review and approve time entries for one or multiple departments based on your requirements.  You have the ability to optionally require online time entry approval by employees, supervisors, and/or senior management.  You can also program multiple hourly pay rates for each employee with custom pay types to process overtime, bonuses, and more.

Easy Reporting

NetClockIn includes a large variety of reports that can help you manage your business more efficiently.  Reports include Time Tracking, Time Entry History, Overtime Management, Security and Audit, Master File Data and more.

Our intuitive, simple-to-use system is easy to set up, easily captures employees’ time, has no annual contract and has no hidden fees.  NetClockIn saves you the time of manually keeping track of employee hours so you can have better insight into your labor costs and can better control them.

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