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What is Employment Branding?

Employment branding is the process of creating the perception of an organization as an employee’s choice in the labor market.  It is an actionable item that is made all the more important with the labor market challenges in our post-pandemic world.  It is essential for employers to analyze their employment branding so they can understand what motivates individuals to start working and continue working for them.

What Strategies Should You Use for Employment Branding?

Employment strategies cover several components which often influence hiring and retention.  Here are 7 to consider:

  1. Creating positive, compelling images of the organization which convey a healthy work atmosphere and industry impact.
  2. Providing clear and consistent messages about what it is like to work at the organization through phrases such as “commitment to innovation”,” teamwork”, etc.
  3. Encouraging the best potential candidates to apply for jobs with media-driven advertisements.
  4. Decreasing the time-to-fill and cost-per-hire ratios. Pay attention to the money you spend attracting new talent.
  5. Lowering turnover by offering competitive packages and an enjoyable work environment.
  6. Linking the employment brand with the company’s product or service brands by reinforcing the public’s image of the organization.
  7. Giving employees a sense of pride in their company by knowing they are working for an employer which has a competitive edge and/or positive contribution to society.

These strategies will look different in every company and should not be considered an exhaustive list.  Take the time to plan and write out your company’s employment branding strategy to make implementation easier.  To help build and/or improve a brand, it is vital to consider the channels used for marketing to potential employees.  Some popular channels are the company’s website, media ads (television, radio, and print), brochures and appearances at job fairs, campuses or other types of events.

The goal is to attract the right talent and keep them by making sure employees feel valued at a company they value.

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