Corporate Payroll Services

Our Most Popular Time and Money-Saving Products

If you are like the majority of our 6,500+ clients, you are looking to make running your business a bit smoother.  Here are the most popular services our clients use to help achieve this goal.



This is a customer favorite because it helps accurately track labor costs, reduce costly errors, improve efficiency, eliminate employee time theft and “buddy-punching,” lessen occurrences of unauthorized overtime and more.
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Come Aboard – Online Employee Onboarding

With the new normal seeming to be remote and hybrid work, Come Aboard is a great solution for companies of all sizes.  It’s easy, efficient and paperless.  Simplify your new hire onboarding, keep track of employee data and more.
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HR Support Center

Laws and regulations are constantly changing.  You need to ensure compliance or risk lawsuits which could cost you your business.  Get access to comprehensive resources and HR professionals to get your questions answered quickly.
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Services to Improve Employee Retention

Employees want more than just money. Benefits are very important to keeping employees happy.  Here are a few services we offer which can help.

Group Health Insurance

Health Insurance Solutions offers small and large group insurance designed for your business.  One of our representatives can help you find a plan that is best for your business’ needs.
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Provide your employees with 24/7 access to U.S. Board Certified physicians for just $10.75 per month per employee.  No copays, visits to the doctor’s office, exposure to other sick people, or need to take time off of work for medical care.
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Retirement Plans

With our retirement plans, you will have a range of options to help meet the retirement aspirations of your employees.
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Services to Keep Your Business Covered

Commercial Insurance Policies

With solutions such as general liability insurance, property insurance, commercial auto insurance, and more, we have your business covered.
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Pay As You Go Workers Comp

Improve cash flow and keep your company covered with Pay As You Go workers compensation, the accurate and cost-effective way to get workers compensation insurance.
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