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Guess what!  Even a well-crafted, detailed job description might not get you the candidate you’re looking for.  So in a bustling economy with more jobs than applicants, it can be difficult to stand out.  However, there’s an often overlooked factor that can help attract sought-after talent.  Draw in applicants with an enticing company description that communicates your culture.

A good company description can broaden and narrow the candidate pool

The hiring process isn’t just expensive, it’s time-consuming.  Presenting an appealing company description can expand the pool of qualified candidates.  Plus, it can help expedite the hiring process.  To attract people worth the investment of time and money, give job applicants a sense of your organization’s culture.  Then, you’ll be reaching out to people who are well-suited to grow your company.

First, give job seekers an idea of your company’s “flexibility.”  For example, some people like a structured environment; others don’t.  If your company has a “buttoned-up” culture, let candidates know that.  You’ll want to attract folks who like to wear a tie or pantyhose every day if that’s what you require.  If Friday’s are casual dress, let candidates know that, too.  And if you’re a pet-friendly office, make your potential star IT manager with the Labradoodle aware that her pooch is welcome.

For example, let’s say you’re a startup in high-growth mode.  If you seek candidates with a sense of urgency and persistence, shout it out.  And if your applicant must be willing to work long days in a fast-paced, changing environment, set that expectation.  Additionally, if you offer highly flexible—or very predictable—hours, include that information.  You might attract an experienced, talented new mom who needs flexibility, or predictability.

Next, point out qualities that make you unique.  Are you a company that’s been recognized for community involvement?  Maybe you’re a small company offering opportunities for personal growth.  Or you’re a big company with an outstanding sabbatical program.  Do you have a ping pong table?  A relaxation room?  Do you have company cookouts the workday before federal holidays?  (Our company does!)  Maybe you offer distinctive benefits, like help in paying down college debt.  You should highlight your unique benefits to differentiate yourself from the other opportunities in the market.

Be aware of regulations

Lastly, what you don’t want to do is imply that you are specifically seeking only younger (or older) candidates, or only male (or female) candidates.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces federal laws that make sure you do not discriminate against job applicants.  So be sure to avoid descriptions that even imply discrimination against protected classes that include age, race, sex, religion or national origin.

An accurate, enticing company description can be as big a factor in attracting exceptional candidates as the position description.  Attracting the right candidate who fits your company and your culture can enhance both.

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