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Corporate Payroll Services hosts its third annual Christmas donation drive for Conley Hills Elementary.

As a team effort, the employees of CorPay were able to collect more than 400 gifts and raise money to help students and families in need.

On December 17, 2020, the CorPay team visited Conley Hills Elementary School in East Point, GA.  During this time, every student that attends in-person learning received a Christmas gift.  Snacks were also provided to the school to fill up students’ backpacks whenever needed.

During the winter break, which lasts a little over two weeks, most lower-income families struggle to make ends meet, especially when it comes to feeding their children.  This is because school breakfast and lunch are sometimes the only consistent meals these children receive.  To assist with this, CorPay also raised money to create meal boxes for families in need.  These boxes included essential food items and gift cards to Kroger for additional grocery shopping needs.  These boxes were issued to over 20 families.

“2020 has been a tough year for all of us,” said Steve Kamerschen, VP of Sales. “But it has been even tougher for families with school-aged children.  Many of these students have struggled to get through the year with all of the changes going on and we wanted to bring smiles to their faces.  It is also a great feeling to know parents will not have to worry, even if just for a day, about how they will feed their children this holiday break or create a memorable Christmas, gifts included, when times are so uncertain right now.”

In addition to the gifts and meal boxes, one of the biggest highlights for the CorPay employees was “adopting” 3 Conley Hills Elementary School families to help provide multiple gifts, gift cards, and clothing to the children and their parents/guardians and even a Christmas tree!


Gift for boys and girls

Christmas Present To Staff Kids



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About Conley Hills Elementary School:
Conley Hills Elementary School
Pledges to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of all scholars by creating a safe haven.  Within the school environment, we will deliver rigorous instruction that focuses on critical thinking skills and respect for humanity.  This will promote students’ individuality to ensure they develop social awareness, civic responsibility, and continue their personal growth.