Corporate Payroll Services

With telemedicine services in high demand, now is the best time to get you and your employees on board!

We have teamed up with MyIdealDoctor to provide our clients and their employees with this amazing healthcare service for as little as $10.75 per month per employee.

We are excited about this, because not only do other telemedicine services cost significantly more ($35-$75/month), but their co-pays or per-consultation fees can range from $45-$95 depending on the type of visit.

This can be a stretch for many. With our telemedicine service, we can help you save money while also providing you and your employees with peace of mind.

How our Telemedicine Service Benefits you, the Employer

  • Improve employee retention by offering an amazing health benefit that your employees, their children, and their spouse/significant other can take advantage of
  • Decrease employee absenteeism.
  • Increase overall employee satisfaction with your benefits package.
  • Easy to get started.
  • This benefit can be employer or employee paid.

How our Telemedicine Service Benefits your Employees

  • 24/7 Access to U.S Board Certified physicians via phone or video call.
  • $0 Co-pays or consultation fees.
  • No need to wait in a doctor’s office and be exposed to other sick people which keeps them and their families safe.
  • See a doctor sooner!  Most regular doctors limit their in-person visits, causing patients to either wait days or weeks before they can be seen, or must opt for an expensive urgent care or emergency room visit to be seen sooner.
  • Employees miss fewer working hours since they can “see” a doctor anytime.
  • Appointments can be made online, via a convenient mobile app, or via phone.

Contact us to learn more about this important yet inexpensive benefit!

One-Time $49 Set up - NCI Pricing

Pay just $49 set up fee if you sign up by
August 21, 2020.