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Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, the company’s mission, core values, ethics, expectations, and goals.

Here are four ways to improve your company culture and establish a workplace where your team works well together and succeeds:

Establish Trust

When people distrust one another, they keep things back and don’t collaborate as well as they could.  Building trust takes time, but there are some proven ways to get started:

  • When communicating with employees, be honest and open.
  • Don’t keep employees guessing about how they’re doing.  Offer praise and address problems right way.
  • Be accountable and follow through on your policies.
  • Admit your mistakes.  Employees are more likely to take responsibility for their mess ups if you’ve set that example.
  • Trust your employees.  Trust is reciprocal.  If you want trust, you show it as well.


Build Community

If employees feel connected to a community within their organization, and that community is committed to the goals of the organization, then they have a reason to stay.  It’s not “just a job,” but a shared endeavor that means something to them.


Now, how do you bring everyone together and foster a community?  Start by clearly defining your values and mission.  Talk about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  If employees understand the mission of your organization and the culture that supports it, and if they see how they can contribute to the overall mission, they’re inclined to be more invested.  With a shared sense of purpose, you can implement company rules and traditions that make cultural sense.


When the rules, traditions, and operations of your organization fit with its mission, they become a strong and flexible framework in which relationships can form, develop, and flourish.  And when these relationships work towards a common purpose, then you have a strong community—diverse employees committed to the company’s mission and willing to accomplish great things together.


 Help Your Employees Flourish

If you want to grow as a company, help your employees grow as individuals.  Create a place where respect, empathy, and kindness are prized values.


Strive for Diversity

A diverse and inclusive company is also a more welcoming place for people to work and spend a good portion of their lives.  When people are valued for who they are and for what they do, they’re more likely to be inspired and engaged.


Work to ensure acceptance and openness to new kinds of people and new ideas are part of your culture and your rules and traditions indicate that you practice what you preach.


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