Corporate Payroll Services

We understand that transitioning your entire team from working on-site to working from home can be a difficult process.  Here are a few ways we can help simplify this process for you:


Come Aboard

Benefits: With our digital onboarding application, you can:

  • Store all of your important employee-related forms electronically
  • Keep track of certifications and benefits eligibility and get reminders for upcoming expiration dates
  • Keep track of PTO and vacation approvals
  • Onboard new employees remotely and get all documents signed electronically.
  • Come Aboard saves you space, time, and money while keeping you and your employees safe and at a distance.

Pricing: Base charge of $20/month plus $1.00/employee. 

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Benefits: Accurately calculating labor costs can be difficult when your team is working remotely.  With NetClockIn, our online time tracking system, employees can clock in and out for shifts and breaks as they normally would and you will have easy access to reports so you know their work hours.  You can also have custom alerts when employees are approaching overtime.

NetClockIn integrates with our payroll system which saves you data entry time and minimizes errors.

NetClockIn is web-based. All you and your employees need is an Internet connection and browser to access the application.  You can also set restrictions for how and when employees can clock in.

Pricing: Base charge of $20/month plus $1.00 per user.

Special offer:  Get both Come Aboard and NetClockIn for a base charge of $30/month plus $1.00 per employee who uses NetClockIn and $1.00 per active employee on Come Aboard.

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HR Support Center:

During this time, many complicated employee-related questions have arisen.  In addition, some businesses have realized it is time to create/update employee handbooks and company policies.

Benefit: The HR Support Center offers the ability to ask HR experts questions and also provides handbook and policy templates and provides up-to-date information on the FFCRA, CARES Act, and more.

Pricing: $50/month. 

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During this time, not only can your employees work from home, they can receive medical attention from home as well.


  • 24/7 access to physicians
  • Physicians can diagnose common health issues such as colds, allergies, UTIs, body aches, and many more.
  • No driving to and waiting in doctors’ offices where employees are exposed to other sick people
  • Prescriptions are sent to a local pharmacy of their choice.
  • Immediate family (spouse and children from age 2 up through age 25) living in their household are covered.


Pricing: $10.75 per month per employee.  This can be an employer or employee paid benefit. There is a one-time setup fee of $99.  If employees wish to sign up on their own and not through the company, the price is $29.90 for the first month and $14.95 per month thereafter.

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