Corporate Payroll Services

It’s the Social Security Administration!

If you’ve received a “No-Match Letter” from the Social Security Administration (SSA), there’s no reason to say, “Good grief!”

It does mean that an employee’s name and social security number (SSN) do not match in the government’s system.  However, it does not necessarily mean that you, or your employee, have done anything wrong.  In all likelihood, it is the result of a clerical error.

When you receive the letter, please do not ignore it.  You should take reasonable steps to resolve the mismatch and you must apply the steps uniformly across all of your employees.  Of course, you should also document and date your attempts to resolve the mismatch.

Specifically, you should:

  1. Check your records within 30 days of receipt of the letter to ensure that your records are correct.  You must also verify that the information you provided to us is correct.
  2. Ask the employee to confirm the accuracy of your records.
  3. If necessary, ask the employee to resolve the issue with the SSA.

To verify all Social Security Numbers in our system for all of our customers, we send electronic files to the SSA. If there are any discrepancies, we forward a report of those inconsistencies to you. You can also verify the employee’s name and SSN match by going to the SSA website at

We also offer E-Verify services, so you can check the SSN of your new hires and confirm that they’re eligible to work in the United States at the same time. You will have no “tricks,” just peace of mind knowing that you are in compliance with the law.