Corporate Payroll Services

Not all third-party payroll service providers are created equal.

A trusted, qualified company can help keep businesses secure and tax compliant.  Businesses can help protect themselves by hiring an Authorized IRS e-file Provider.  This is a third-party payroll service provider which must deposit a customer’s taxes using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.  Reporting Agents generally can share customers’ information with the IRS to resolve issues and they must provide customers with a written statement reminding them that the employer, not the reporting agent, is responsible for filing tax returns and paying taxes on time.  To inform the IRS of its relationship with a customer, reporting agents submit Form 8655-Reporting Agent Authorization, which the customer signs.

The IRS encourages employers to enroll in EFTPS and make sure its third-party payroll service provider uses EFTPS to make tax deposits.  It’s free and it gives employers safe and easy online access to their payment history for deposits made with their EIN.  This helps them monitor whether their third-party payroll service provider meets its tax deposit responsibilities.

Corporate Payroll Services is an Approved IRS e-file Provider.  Not only will we quickly and accurately handle each payroll run, but we also handle the processing and payment of your payroll-related taxes.  An unreliable or fraudulent company might take the money and run – accepting a customer’s payroll taxes and closing without warning.  This is costly for the affected business because it’s legally responsible for reporting and paying the taxes due, even if it sent funds to the third-party payroll service provider for required deposits and payments.

With 32 years of growth, great customer service scores and the trust of over 7,000 customers, CPS is the best partner for your payroll needs.

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