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As you may be aware, most federal employment laws, like the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Civil Rights Act, have posting requirements.  Each state and some local ordinances also have their own posting requirements.  This is to make sure employees are aware of labor laws.  Usually this is done with a workplace poster.  Failure to display the correct state and federal employment law notices can result in penalties, fines and lawsuits.

These posters need to be displayed in a conspicuous area in the workplace such as a break area, lunchroom, or in the bathrooms so that all employees can see these posters regularly.  But, what about remote employees?  Fortunately, you do not need to send labor posters to all of your remote employees to hang in their home office in order to be compliant, but you do need to give ALL your employees access to this information.

Here are some options that may help you stay in compliance:

  • Upload labor posters to your company’s intranet or a file-sharing location that all employees can access, such as google drive or a shared server.
  • If you do not have an intranet or shared drive, you can send a copy via email, fax, or direct mail.
  • If you have remote employees who visit the office at least once a quarter you should be fine. Remote employees will also need to be notified whenever these posters change.  This again can be done through your company’s intranet, shared drives, email, fax or direct mail.

Although this is not necessary, you can request that your remote employees e-sign a document stating they have received or viewed your workplace poster and updates.

It is important to note that distributing workplace posters to remote employees is supplementary and does not replace the need for required postings.  The only time this can be used as a replacement of a labor poster in your workplace is if 100% of your employees are working remotely and do not come into the office or workplace for any reason.

Staying in Compliance with our Labor Poster Subscription Program

Federal and state labor law updates happen throughout the year.  There is not a regular schedule, so it is important to stay up to date at all times.  Our Labor Poster Subscription program can help you do just that.


How our Labor Poster Subscription works:

  • Our compliance experts monitor federal and state labor law updates.
  • When federal or state labor laws change, your posters are immediately updated.
  • Your replacement labor law poster is automatically shipped to you.
  • You are backed by a $25,000 ‘Fine-Reimbursement’ Guarantee, ensuring that your business remains protected from serious fines related to improper posting content.

The cost of this program is a $39 one-time charge and $10/month thereafter.

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