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Our plans come with  the highest level of support, liability, and integration service in the industry!

3(16) Administrative Fiduciary

A 3(16) administrative fiduciary takes care of providing all the required notices and disclosures to your employees. They will also file your 5500 on your behalf, keeping your plan in compliance and on time.

3(38) Investment Fiduciary

A 3(38) administrative fiduciary handles the fund selection in the plan and shifts the liability off the plan sponsor’s shoulders.

360 Degree Payroll Integration

360 payroll integration ensures that contributions are sent to the 401(k) in a timely manner while also updating employee deductions automatically!

Different Design Options for Different Needs!

3(16) Administration•​•​
3(38) Investment Management•​•​
360 Payroll Integration•​•​
Investment Education•​•​
Maximum Deferrals (Over 50)$20,500 ($26,000)$20,500 ($26,000)
Roth Deferrals•​•​
Managed Account Offering•​•​
Loan Options•​•​
Eligibility Service1 or 3 Months1-12 Months
Safe Harbor MatchOptional​Optional
Automatic Enrollment•​Optional
Employer Contribution VestingOptional
Controlled Groups•​
Advanced Design
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