Corporate Payroll Services

A global pandemic may be an uncomfortable situation for employers and business owners, but there are ways to minimize the effect on how you operate your business.  Other than with businesses like restaurants, manufacturers, retailers, etc. which require a physical presence, there are many innovative ways to keep business running as normally as possible, while keeping your employees safe and clients happy.


Virtual Interviews and Meetings

Some businesses can afford to put a halt on hiring and meetings, but for most of us, running a business as usual is imperative to the survival of our companies and the satisfaction of our clients.  Virtual meetings are a perfect way to conduct new-hire interviews, client meetings, sales calls, and more.

Great, cost-effective options include RingCentral Meetings, Zoom Meetings, and GoToMeeting.

During this time, RingCentral Meetings is offering 3 months of free service to certain industries.  You can head over to their website hyperlinked above to see if you qualify.

For one-on-one meetings, such as sales demos and interviews, Skype usually has a free option.


Remote Work with a Time and Attendance Tracking System

Many companies are making accommodations to allow their employees to work remotely.  For some, it may pose a dilemma as employers are unsure how to track their hourly employees’ time worked and their breaks.

Consider implementing an online time and attendance tracking system.  An online time and attendance tracker like NetClockIn, allows employees to clock in remotely through any browser.  With NetClockIn, employees can clock in and out for shifts and breaks as they normally would and you will have easy access to reports so you can monitor their work hours.


Electronic Employee On-boarding

Is the crisis causing you to put a freeze on hiring?  For many companies, a hiring freeze can hurt the business, but the employer feels this is the only solution for social distancing.  With innovative technology, you can continue business as usual.

Electronic employee onboarding applications such as Come Aboard allow you to complete your onboarding process remotely and paperlessly.

With Come Aboard, new-hires can complete all necessary paperwork from the comfort and safety of their own homes!  They have access to their new-hire packets, offer letters, tax forms, verification forms, employee handbooks, training materials and more!  And with e-signature capability, everything can be signed and sent to you automatically with no contact required.

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During this global crisis many are asking “How can I see my doctor if I should be social distancing?” and some may be worried about sitting in a waiting room and possibly being exposed to other illnesses.  The best solution to this is Telemedicine.  With Telemedicine, your employees have 24/7 access to board-certified physicians around the nation.

Through phone calls or video chat, the physicians can diagnose and treat the common cold, flu, fever, cough, asthma, earaches, nausea, allergies, sinus infections, and many more common health concerns.  Please note, Telemedicine appointments cannot diagnose COVID-19, but they can recommend you for testing if your symptoms are similar to that of the coronavirus.

Not only does Telemedicine cover your employees, but their entire family can use this benefit as well, all for just $10.75 per month.  Even better, there are no co-pays or consultation fees!

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Convert Employees to Direct Deposit

Limit in-person interactions by converting your employees to electronic payment methods.  Rather than having employees come in to the office to pick up their l checks or having them wait longer to get paid by mailing their checks, direct deposit can help employees get paid in a timely manner while maintaining their distance.  Please note it usually takes four to five business days before the first check can be directly deposited into their account.

For employees without bank accounts, consider offering payroll cardsPayroll cards like Finwist Mastercards are funded by direct deposit.  Payroll cards are easy and quick to roll out at no cost to the employer except for the normal direct deposit charges.