Corporate Payroll Services

Effective January 1, 2020, twenty states increased their minimum wages as follows:



New Minimum Wage

Alaska $10.19
Arizona $12.00
Arkansas $10.00
California $13.00
Colorado $12.00
Florida $8.56
Maine $12.00
Maryland $11.00
Massachusetts $12.75
Michigan $9.65
Minnesota $10.00
Missouri $9.45
Montana $8.65
New Jersey $11.00
New Mexico $9.00
New York $15.00
New York (large) $15.00
New York (LI,WC) $13.00
New York (small) $15.00
New York (upstate) $11.80
Ohio $8.70
South Dakota $9.30
Vermont $10.96
Washington $13.50


Later this year, 3 additional states and 22 more localities are expected to see an increase in their minimum wage.  Seventeen of those localities will reach $15 an hour or more.

What Employers Need To Do

Employers should increase the pay of any employees below the new minimum wage threshold.  Most state enforcement agencies have made wage theft a high priority, and failure to pay employees the appropriate minimum wage constitutes a serious violation.

Additionally, if your business is in an area where the minimum wage increased on January 1, workers must receive notice from you no later than January 7, 2020.

If your state or local government requires you to submit a wage notice to your employees, it must include the following:

  • Changes in the standard rate of pay;
  • Changes in overtime rate of pay;
  • Allowances (such as meal pay or lodging) claimed as part of the minimum wage.