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Imagine peering into your mailbox and finding a check made out to you for $10,000.  Are you:

1) Happy or
2) Not happy 

Most would say “happy.”  It’s $10,000.  How could you not be happy?

For starters, some hope for a bigger check, perhaps from some sort of sweepstakes victory.  For others, $10,000 might be inheritance from their multi-millionaire aunt or uncle. But the amount confirms that they weren’t a favorite niece or nephew.  For thousands though, a $10,000 check elicits unhappiness because it is a refund of the prior year’s 401(k) deferrals.

While many might be glad to have the extra cash, 401(k) refund checks can be bad news because:

  1. The refunded amount is taxable income in the current year.  More taxable income could result in being bumped to a higher tax bracket.
  2. A $10,000 refund could mean a smaller employer match contribution.
  3. If you’re a Baby Boomer trying to “catch up” on retirement savings, then the prior year’s “catch up” didn’t do much “catching up.”
  4. It means $10,000 of tax-advantaged assets are no longer working for you, helping build a comfortable retirement, which could mean  …
  5. You’ll have to work a little longer.
  6. Not to be overly dreary, but as a business owner a $10,000 refund could be a painful reminder that you are paying for a retirement plan that doesn’t allow you to save what youneed for retirement.

How do you avoid that unwanted 401(k) refund check?  Establish a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan.

Corporate Payroll Services can help you do just that.  Contact us if you would like to explore your options and avoid getting that unwanted 401(k) refund check.

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